Alice Wentworth

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Model: Evolution series one-Alice Wentworth
Dial: Handmade dial crafted on Martha's Vineyard by Tom DeMont. Dial features hand scrimshawed Elephant Ivory. (Whale Ivory available upon customer request) The Alice Wentworth was a 73 foot long schooner built in 1863 in Norwalk, CT. Originally named Lizzie A. Tolle, In 1863 she was sold to Charles and Arthur Stevens of Maine, where she freighted coal, lumber and salt. After they rebuilt her in 1904, her owners rechristened her the Alice S. Wentworth after a niece. In 1906, Zeb Tilton became the captain. Mr. Tilton purchased her in 1921 and remained the captain until 1942. The Alice Wentworth then went back to maine as a cargo vessel for 10 years before being sold several more times and sailed as a windjammer cruise ship.In 1965 the Alice Wentworth was purchased by Anthony Athanas of Anthony's Pier 4 Restaurant in Boston. Athanas moored her outside his restaurant until it was destroyed by a storm in 1974. She was 111 years old.
Variations: matte finish or matte finish with a hand-polished bezel and crown
Price: 6250 USD

All Rubin Douglas Timepieces-

Case: Rubin Douglas watch cases are made in the local northeastern United States from stainless steel 316ls. Each case is hand-machined using a combination of lathes, milling equipment and custom-designed tools to create the intricate curvatures of each Rubin Douglas timepiece.
Cases can be purchased with either a hand polish or a custom matte finish.

Dial: Rubin Douglas dials are designed and crafted in the United States by local artists and designers. Each dial is made by hand exclusively for Rubin Douglas.

Movement: True to the Swiss tradition of watchmaking, Rubin Douglas employs Swiss-crafted movements. All Rubin Douglas timepieces are powered by Automatic movements. Each movement features 21 ruby jewels and is decorated with engine turning on the bridges and the rotor.

Assembly: Rubin Douglas timepieces are assembled and tested by master watchmakers trained in the finest Swiss watchmaking schools under the tutelage of world renowned watchmakers. Our watchmakers meticulously inspect and build Rubin Douglas timepieces from the finest components to the strictest Swiss watchmaking standards and practices.

Crystal: Domed sapphire crystal and sapphire crystal exhibition back.

Strap: Rubin Douglas timepieces feature alligator straps hand-crafted in the United States.

Packaging: Rubin Douglas timepieces are presented in Orbita watch winders.

Exhibition Back